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Rasma & Bill, I thank you for your prompt, competitive and professional works associated with our trommel refurbishment project. The report I received from Tony indicated he was extremely impressed with both your work standard and ethic. I look... Jacquie Teune


The normal descaling process often incorporates acids with high-pressure water to remove rust, limescale, algal growth and general fouling from tanks, pipes, tubes, valves and other types of process equipment.

Aquajet has perfected a method of descaling virtually any component using only high-pressure water jetting. Because it is in the nature of water to find and penetrate even the smallest crack or imperfection, when applied under the correct pressure it will dislodge and wash off any foreign material leaving the surface perfectly clean.

In keeping with Aquajet’s safety and environmental policy, this highly effective process does not introduce potentially harmful chemicals into the atmosphere or ground water.